Journal 1

1. Nathan Radford

2.┬áThe Once and Future King – By T.H. White

3. 20-25

4. The Questing Beast is the “Burden of the Pellinores”

Fewmets are droppings that the Questing Beast pursues.

King Pellinore does not like talking about the Questing Beast.

The Questing Beast is made of many different things, head of a serpent, body of a libbard, haunches of a lion, and it is footed like a hart.

King Pallinore is currently a ghost.

5. The Wart gets lost in the woods and stumbles upon the ghost of King Pallinore. The two talk for a while, at first the Wart was asking for directions, but they switched topics because King Pallinore had never met Sir Ector. They then talked about the Questing Beast, known as “The Burden of the Pallinores.” Once they were done talking about the Questing Beast, the Wart had mentioned his home and King Pallinore asked him about it. Once the Wart finished explaining about his home, King Pallinore had said that he was going back with the Wart.

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